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In 1950, Mario had a daugher named MiucciaShe helped with innovate ideas for the prada line, she inspired the Pocone bags, backpacks that were made out of a waterproof fabric.The classic prada suitcase was made out of very heavy walrus skin The classic prada suitcase had a very exotic and distinct look, it was made out of very heavy walrus skinIn 1983, Prada opened a second boutique in Milan reminiscent to the original shop Prada released its definitive black nylon tote.That same year, the house of Prada began expansion across Europe by opening locations in Florence, Paris, Madrid, and New York CityThe Devil Wears Prada is a 2003 novel about a ruthless, short tempered bossA fictional version of Vogue, and wears designer clothes, such as Prada and Hermès. adaptation stars Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.
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Prada. The name alone signifies style and luxury, designer handbags and fabulous shoes. Born nearly a century ago, The House of Prada is recognized worldwide for its simple and elegant creations.

Mario Prada started the Prada label in 1913. He designed and sold handbags, shoes, trunks, and suitcases though two boutiques in Milan, and had clients across Europe and the US. When the signature Prada suitcases, made from heavy, cumbersome walrus skin, proved to be ill suited for air travel, Prada concentrated on designing exquisite leather accessories and waterproof handbags.


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By the 1990’s, Prada was a leading force in fashion. The garments and accessories were smart, sophisticated, and extremely high quality. Luxurious fabrics and simple styles, mostly in blacks, browns, grays, greens, and creams, became the signature Prada look.

The apparel was sexy and spoke of confidence without revealing too much skin. Accessories included skinny leather belts, elegant high heeled shoes, and of course, the classic handbag. ( tassen en riemen )


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The Prada look has certainly evolved over the years, and Miuccia is credited with many innovations in fabric and design.

She has added everything from mirror fragments to beaded latex to her garments, and experimented with new and unique fabric blends.

Even with all of this experimentation however, the caliber of the finished product has never wavered.


Prada is famous for using a lot of crunchy polyester in their designs, as well as nylon and a few other synthetic fibers that would look in vogue in cities for amsterdam to Antwerp. The most famous colors used in prada, especially the handbags are Black, Brown, Green, White and Cream colors. She makes various styles, from the very plain looking to the most wild designs only seen on runway models. Prada continues to push the envelopse of fashion each day, with their new ideas and styles. We can only sit back and enjoy the ride as they come out with new wonderful designs for us all to enjoy!

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